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Membership: Information and application

· Information:

  • Article 8: Members can be individuals or institutions. Institutional members can sign an agreement with the Association to establish the bases of their collaboration.
  • Article 9: During the General Assembly, the executive council proposes the nomination of Honorable Members for those persons who have notoriously contributed to the achievement of the objectives of the Association or who have demonstrated special skills in the field of Applied Economy.
  • Article 10: All individual members have voice and vote in the General Assembly. Institutional members will nominate a delegate to cover these functions for each Assembly.
  • Fees:
    • Individual membership: 65 euros
    • Individual members who belong to an Institutional member: 43 euros
    • Institutional membership: 250 euros
· Individual membership:

Fill in the INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM and send it by email to:

· Institutional membership:

Fill in the INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM and send it by email to:

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